Free Domain Analysis Tool: Is Your Website Setup for Success?

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A Powerful (and free) Domain Evaluation Tool

Is your website setup for online success? You might think so but there is always something missing. Faulty Redirection? Poor keyword use? Lack of mobility? Broken links? HTML/CSS Issues? Misspellings?

Our comprehensive free domain analysis tool will ferret out the areas that you need to address and deliver a comprehensive action plan to solve your problems.

The History of Our Domain Analysis Tool

As the owner of The SEO System, my goal has always been to bring online marketing success to the masses. I want small businesses and their employees to be able to do online marketing themselves without having to bring on expensive consultants (who frankly don’t know your business) to steer them in the right direction.

My hope is that, after using our free domain evaluation tool, you will discover AND act on the issues that prevent your domain from being optimized.Richard Cummings, Founder of The SEO System
I am often called upon to do domain evaluations for companies and, typically, I am able to root out many fundamental problems with a company’s website setup and configuration. The ability to determine problems with a website is achieved through a series of questions and analysis.

When I realized a common set of domain configuration errors, I set a goal of developing a tool that would allow companies to do this for themselves. Sure, it potentially removes some large consulting fees but it enables small and large businesses to accomplish these tasks themselves, which is the goal of The SEO System.

My hope is that, after using our free domain evaluation tool, you will discover AND act on the issues that prevent your domain from being optimized.

Also, I wanted to expose you to our company and show you how our system works. We bring online success to small businesses by delivering sound and user friendly online marketing, SEO, and social media advice, which we present to you in the form of daily action items.

How the Evaluation Works

When it comes to a sound website configuration for online success, businesses do one of two things: (1) Do nothing and hope for the best. Or (2), hire expensive consultants who will sit across the table from you, ask you questions, and charge tens of thousands of dollars.

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The SEO System: Your Online Domain Consultant

Our Free Domain Analysis Tool is that consultant sitting across the desk from you. The only difference is that our tool is free.

This domain evaluation comes in the form of approximately 50 questions and takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to complete. The majority of the time these questions are “yes/no” questions and I provide comprehensive instructions on how to find the answers when it is not readily evident.

Additionally, these instructions will lead you to some great online marketing tools that you were not even aware existed. For example, in the keyword suggestions, I point you to more than 10 keyword tools that you can use to improve your on-page SEO. My bet is that you are not using most of them.

And the best part, as you read in the next section, is that this tool can be used by anybody, from experts to the inexperienced small business manager who wants to know if his domain is setup properly.

For Beginners and Experts Alike

The SEO System has always been about taking action. Too many people spend their days perusing online marketing blogs and reading about how to be better…But, you can never be better unless you do better.Richard Cummings
With a little guidance, online marketing expertise can be obtained by people who know their own business. One of the secrets of online marketing in today’s world is participation. That is why it is best to have someone who knows your business do the participating…rather than a “techie” who does not have an inkling as to how your business runs or who your customers are.

That is how I have designed The SEO System and this domain evaluation tool–as a tool that can be embraced by both beginners and experts.

Certainly, the experts will be able to answer many of these domain analysis questions directly without having to refer to the instructions. Thus, they may get through the tool faster.

But, for the amateur, this tool provides clear instructions on how to answer each question of the domain analysis. And, at any time, if you feel like instructions should be made clearer, let me know and I will get the tool updated.

What Will I Take Away From This Domain Analysis

Analysis is nothing if it does not result in action items to improve your success.

The SEO System has always been about taking action. Too many people spend their days perusing online marketing blogs and reading about how to be better.

But, you can never be better unless you do better.

So, after you have answered all of the domain analysis questions, we provide you with a complete list of action items to improve your domain setup and configuration so that you will have a solid foundation to achieve online success. Many of these items can be taken care of by someone at your company. However, there are some big items–such as upgrading your domain to for mobile visitors or implementing HTTPS, that go beyond the basics. If you find these as action items, we would be happy to help.

Finally, we also maintain your answers so that you can return as often as you would like to re-take the domain evaluation and witness your improvements in the results.

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Domain Analysis Tools Conclusion

So what are you waiting for?

Get started right now and within one hour we will provide you with a printable list of action items to ensure that your website is structurally sound and optimized to attract and retain website visitors.

Richard Cummings

Director of SEO, Social Media, and Web Content Development at The SEO System
Richard Cummings has been practicing online marketing for many years and has setup and optimized hundreds of WordPress sites.He founded The SEO System to provide SEO, social media, and online marketing services and software to businesses.
Richard CummingsFree Domain Analysis Tool: Is Your Website Setup for Success?

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