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How Do I Get My Web Content Indexed Immediately?

Written by | Date Updated: March 6, 2015

Submit Post to Google WebMaster Tools

Question: I often publish time-sensitive web content that I would like to have indexed immediately. Because I am a new site, Google does not often pick up on it right away. Is there a way that I can have my web content indexed immediately? Thanks for your help. Candice, Denver, Colorado

Indexing Web Content Immediately: A Real-Time Example

Candice, this is a great question and one for which many people have tried to provide answers. Unfortunately, these answers are often wrong.

In this response, I will show you how to get your web content posts indexed immediately using a live example–this post!

At The SEO System, our publishing schedule often varies. We believe in quality over quantity and, as such, we are not putting out content everyday. This means that our web articles are not indexed immediately. They are always indexed but the little GoogleBot is not stopping by every 5 minutes to check for new content. Thus, we’re in the perfect position to show you how this works.

The secret to getting your web content indexed immediately is Google WebMaster Tools. If you are not yet using Google WebMaster Tools, there is no better time than now to setup your Google WebMaster tools account.

Candice, to illustrate by example, I will do four things. First, I will publish this post. Second, I will illustrate that it did not get indexed in Google. Third, I will submit this web content in Google WebMaster Tools. And finally, fourth, I will show you that the post is now indexed.

Let’s begin!

Steps 1 & 2: Publish this post and illustrate that it is not indexed.

Ok, this post has been published with the following URL:

Now, I will bring up a fresh browser to illustrate that the post has not been indexed. And, as you see in the photo below, this is the case.

indexing a post quickly

Post not yet in Google Index…

Step 3: Submit the content to Google WebMaster Tools

Now, we will open Google WebMaster Tools and use the “Fetch as Google” tool to submit this content to the Google index as you see in the photo below:

the fetch as Google tool in gwt

Fetching as Google…

Step 4: Voila–The web content is now indexed!

After using the Fetch as Google tool, we now see the post immediately (well, sometimes it takes 2 minutes) in the Google results.

indexed in Google

Post gets indexed immediately in Google…

Conclusion: Indexing Content Immediately is Easy

Candice, I hope this post has demonstrated how you can easily and quickly get time-sensitive content indexed using Google WebMaster tools.

There are a couple of caveats with Google WebMaster Tools. You are currently limited to 10 Fetch As Googles so you will want to use this tool judiciously. Secondly, being in the Google index guarantees nothing. It is simply the first step in your online marketing strategy.

Now, go get your pages fetched by Google and, as always, let us know if you have any more questions using our contact form.

Cheers, Richard
Founder of The SEO System, your personalized online marketing solution!

Richard Cummings

Director of SEO, Social Media, and Web Content Development at The SEO System
Richard Cummings has been practicing online marketing for many years and has setup and optimized hundreds of WordPress sites.He founded The SEO System to provide SEO, social media, and online marketing services and software to businesses.
Richard CummingsHow Do I Get My Web Content Indexed Immediately?

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