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9 Powerful Blog Title Generators That Drastically Increase Click-Thrus!

Written by | Date Updated: May 19, 2020

title generators that get the clickToday, we bring you our updated 2020 reviews of the top 9 most powerful blog title generators on the market.

Why are these reviews important?

Because 80% of readers NEVER make it past the article title (see more stats below)!

A Ranking of the Top Title Generators

So, what’s the verdict?  Which is the best?

Here is where it’s difficult and personal taste enters the equation.  We’ve reviewed 9 free online title generators.  I’ve created a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the worst and 5 the best), and ranked each site according to three criteria:   Site look and feel, Ease of Use, and Quality of Results.

Now, it’s simple.  The highest score is the winner and, as you see in the chart below, Answer the Public gets the nod!

Site Site Look & Feel Ease of Use Results

Overall Grade

Answer the Public


5 5


Portent Content Idea Creator


5 3


Best Online Title Generator


4 4


Impact Blog Title Generator


3 3


SEOPressor Blog Title Generator


5 3


HubSpot Blog Topic Generator


2 2


Inbound Now Blog Idea Generator


3 2


Kopywriting Kourse Blog Title Generator


4 1


Headline Wizard


1 3


Your verdicts may be different than mine and I certainly welcome all comments below.

Here is a clickable breakdown of the article contents:

“A writer should spend half of the entire time it takes to write a piece of persuasive content on the headline!”

This piece of advice, attributed to the best copywriters of all time by Copyblogger, is one that everyone should follow yet very few do.

Whether it’s a time constraint or lack of belief in the premise, the bottom line is this:  You need to improve your article titles so that you get more clicks!

Fortunately, these online blog title generators are here to help us unleash our dormant creativity and improve our on-page SEO.

In this article, I am going to take a look at the top 9 headline generators that will get you more clicks.

Now, let’s get to it!

The 9 Title Headline Generators Reviewed

Now, it’s time to review all of these free online title generators to see which ones are worth our time.  In my reviews, I’ll primarily be looking at two things:  Is the site easy to use AND does it produce good results?

My testing methodology will be simple.

On each of these sites, I will first put in the search term “exercise” to see what titles are automatically generated. Following that, I will enter the search term “article titles”.

I will see how easy it is to add the titles and then we’ll have a look at the results.

I will provide a summary of best-to-worst in the next section.

Let’s get started!

1. Answer the Public Title Generator Review

answer-the-public-reviewThere is a new online title generator on the market and it might just be the best of all of them: https://answerthepublic.com/.

Answer the Public currently greets you with a video of a twitchy older man shaking his head (see screenshot to right). This seemed to me to be a curious way to represent their product.

However, the automatically generated titles provided by Answer the Public may yet be the best on the market.

The home screen presents us with the dialog box you see below:


When I put in the term “exercise”, I am astounded by the sheer aesthetics of the graphical results provided and the volume as well.

Here is an example of the visuals provided by Answer the Public when it matches your keyword with various question words:


In total, this site provided me with more than 800 title options. Have a look at all of the various titles provided by the site.

Of course, I only need one but looking at these titles not only gives me creative title ideas for one article but for many.

In summary, Answer the Public succeeds on both ease of use and results. See how it fairs in our 2020 ranking of title generators below.

2. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator Review

hubspot topic generator reviewThough I’m generally a big fan of HubSpot, I think they may have missed the mark with their Blog Topic Generator (click photo to right for access). I have just tested the new 2020 version and, though it’s been given an aesthetic makeover, the results are still comparatively limited.

According to my first metric – is the site easy to use?  — the answer is yes.  The site is very aesthetically pleasing with a nice, pretty layout.  However, HubSpot’s Topic Generator only provides 5 results compared to the nearly 800 returned by Answer the Public.

Also, while some sites allow you to declare your word a noun or a verb, HubSpot only wants nouns.

Below are the 5 “exercise” results produced by the HubSpot article generator:

hubspot headline creator results

As you see, the results are pleasing to look at…but there’s only 5.

3. Portent’s Content Idea Generator Review

portent headline creator reviewOn first glance, Portent’s Content Idea Generator knocks it out of the park with gorgeous design and delicious font selection — an aesthetic treat! But, does it deliver?  Let’s see…

Oh no, take a look below:  Justin Bieber is back.


So, how are Portent’s results?  Well, it’s a mixed bag mainly because you only get to see one result at a time.  If you don’t know better, you may think that that is all you get.  However, they have a refresh button that you can hit to see endless results, but always one at a time.

I just came upon a headline about exercise that I like:

a headline from portent

I’m not sure about seeing these results one at a time but as far as the website design and ease of use go…well, as my old French girlfriend use to say when she liked something:  “It pleases me!”

4. Inbound Now – Blog Title Idea Generator Review

inbound now blog title reviewWell, this is interesting and unexpected.

When you arrive on the page, you are greeted with a box that looks like this:

inbound now title ideas

So, what does that look like you should do?  It looks to me like an input box so I tried to input my keywords for this title generator review.  But, guess what?  I couldn’t.

The idea here is that you are doing the word substitution, not the website.  Hmmm….not sure if I like that.

So, for example, the site gives you this:  “[Number] Ways to [blank].”  Presumably, you then fill in “8” and “excerise” to get 8 Ways to Exercise.

This strategy prevents many of the grammatic mishaps that occur on other sites but, personally, I’m not a huge fan.

This site puts the onus on me and I’m here to make my life easier.

5. Kopywriting Kourse Title Generator Review

kopywriting-kourse-title-generator-reviewedKopywriting Kourse Title Generator is a new addition to our 2020 Title Generator Reviews. We’ll see how it measures up 😉

It’s initial interface is simple if not a bit primitive. We simply enter our search term in the box as you see below:


In looking at the results, I am not entirely impressed. Here is a sampling of the first 10 blog titles automatically generated:


This title generator simply adds my “topic” to the article title as you see in the photo above. I couldn’t help but wonder if it would produce the exact same result for nearly every keyword entered.

So, I entered “studying” in the search box and sure enough got the exact same results.

Because of this, the Kopywriting Kourse will probably not achieve great numbers in our ranking of title generators.

6. Impact Blog Title Generator Review

impact review blog headlinesImpact created another aesthetics winner.  In fact, it’s eerily similar to Portent’s that I reviewed above.

Results wise, it works the same way as Inbound Now with a fill in the blank type of solution.  However, it beats inbound now on ease of use and sheer user experience.

Take a look at the photo below to see how it functions:

impact now headline example

So, with this example, I may choose “4 Ways To Overcome Exercise Fatigue”.

7. Internet Marketing Course Free Headline Wizard Generator Review

Headline Wizard ReviewThis webpage looks like it was setup in 1989.  I just visited the bottom of the page to see if there’s a copyright date to verify this 🙂

The initial impression is not a good one.

Also, the site fails on ease of use.  Whereas with the other sites you simply need to enter a word, this site has 4 input boxes for Product Description, Claim, Desirable Result in Present, and Desirable Result in Past.

The main thing to take away from this site is that it can be very beneficial to have the “desirable” result in the title.  This can make something compelling clickable like:  Look Better Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Other than that, don’t bother with this site.

8. Blog Title Generator By SEOPressor Review


SEO Presser’s Recent Redesign

SEO Pressor redesigned their 2020 article title generator and the results are…disappointing. In the previous incarnations of this review, I referred to this tool as “visually pleasing”. Unfortunately, as you see in the photo to the right, that’s no longer the case.

Aesthetics aside, this free online blog title generator has not changed it’s core feature, which offers a unique twist.  After entering your keyword, you choose from a “Describe Your Keyword” dropdown box as you see in the photo below:

SEOPresser Categories

The other sites do not have this and, presumably, this makes for more accurate titles.  And, so far, I like the results:  “Exercise Is Not Rocket Science! Here’s Why.”

SEOPressor only gives me 5 elegantly printed results  (much like Hubspot) but I can keep clicking the “Show More” button to get endless results.

9. The Best Online Title Generator Review

Review - Best Online Title GeneratorHave we saved the best for last?  Is this actually The Best Online Title Generator as the name would have us believe?  It’s a bold title and one that makes a big promise.

So, let’s dive in.

The promise of this site is that they will “create 700 titles with one click”.  I like this because I find that these sites that have given me only a few results are less than inspiring — I want to look at one big chunk of titles to get lots of ideas in one shot without a lot of clicks.

I type in exercise as you in the photo below:

online free title gen example

The results are true to form – I received 700 results over 3 pages.

Now, let’s do an originality test.  Result #11 gives me a title that says “At Last, The Secret to Exercise is Revealed”.  Now, when I put in my second term – article writing – will result #11 say the exact same thing with my new term?

No, it does not!  The site hasn’t quite passed the originality test yet.  They may just be randomizing the returns.

And…yes they are:  Article title #190:  “At Last, The Secret To article title Is Revealed”.

So, basically, this site has written 700 different fill in the blank titles.

But, does the sheer volume of potential titles — 700! —  beat the competition?  Let’s have a look at the  rankings below:

Alarming Headline Statistics That You Need to Read

The recommended headline length is just 65 characters.

Since words average about 5 characters and spaces count, your title will be limited to about 10-words at most, usually less.  Now, given that a data-driven analysis suggests that posts should be about 2,000 words, your title comprises roughly .05% of your article title.

“You see!  That’s why I don’t spend much time on it!”  I hear you.  It doesn’t seem to make sense to spend 50% of your time on .05% of your content.

That is why we need this section:  We need hard-core stats to compel a change of behavior.

So here are 3 indisputable cold-hard facts about the importance of an incredibly clickable article or blog title:

  1. 80% of readers never make it past the headline:  That’s just 1 in 5. (Source)
  2. There are 2 million blog posts created every day:  How will you stand out?  Exactly:  The Headline!  (Source)
  3. A great headline can make a 500% traffic difference:  That .05% can make a 500% difference!  (Source)

The Real SEO Value of Title/Headline Generators

The real value of these free online headline creators is not what it seems.

For me, these tools do not replace the human element; they augment it.

Often, as a writer, you need a stimulus to get you thinking, to get those creative writer juices flowing.  This is what these article title generators are about — to give you ideas that will improve your titles so that people who normally do not click your headlines will start clicking.  After all, that’s what this is about — getting more visitors.

In fact, chances are, you will not use an exact title that was generated by one of these online websites.  But, these sites will lead you to ideas that would not have readily come to mind.

Let’s do a quick example:  “Take 10 seconds and give me 10 great headline article ideas about exercise.”  What did you come up with?  Did you even come up with one in that brief amount of time?

Now, let me show you this list that was created by one of these title generator sites in just one second.

results of a title generator

You may not want to use these exact titles but, you’ve got to admit, they generate a lot of ideas.  The Justin Bieber Guide To Exercise?  It may sound lame to you but there’s millions of Gen Z teens who would click that baby in a heartbeat!

Check Your Title:  Headline Analyzers

Thought you were done, did you?  Not quite!

Your final step is to put your chosen article through this headline analyzer.  Let’s put one of the titles above through the ringer:  4 Ways To Overcome Exercise Fatigue!

Wow, check out this grade:

analyzing your healines

Why did this title score so well?  It has both an emotional word — “Overcome”, and a power word — “fatigue”.  Also, it tells me that my word length (6) is perfect and that my character count is adequate.

That is one of the great benefits of using these online headline generators.  They try to bake-in all of the science of a great title.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it falls flat, but it always give you ideas that you may not have considered.

A/B Testing Your Title

One mistake I see with clients all the time is their lack of testing.  They create an article title, write the piece, publish it, and then they’re done.  And guess what?  They get no visitors.

After you have done all of the research on your title, you are still not 100% certain that it will get the click.

So,  should you just look at it as a fait accompli?  Absolutely not.

First, titles are changeable.  If your title is not working, you can modify it.  The only thing that you cannot modify is the web page URL.

Speaking of the URL, my recommendation is to only include your keywords in the URL — don’t include dates in the URL.  Why?  Well, let’s say that you wrote a piece called The Best Article Title Strategies of 2018.  What happens if that same article is applicable in 2020?  All you need to do is change the title.  However, if 2018 is in the URL, things will seem a little off. So, make sure you follow the best WordPress Permalink solution so that you DO NOT include dates in your URLs.

Also, you may wish to test many different titles in different places.  You don’t need to use the same title on Facebook or Twitter that you use on your webpage.  These are all great places to test various titles.

Don’t rest on your laurels.  I recently had a client who had great content on their website but with article titles that were, well, not-at-all compelling.  We went through a simple exercise of re-titling all of the articles and adding intriguing photos to each.   After this re-tooling, their social shares (and thus search engine results) skyrocketed.

So don’t be confined to just one title.  If you’ve come up with several options, test away my friends.  There is really only one question that validates your titles:  Did people click on it?

A Final Word:  Get the Click!

compelling titles get clicksWe started with the premise that you should spend about half of your total article creation time on the headline.

Are you still not convinced?  Do you still think that a few words will not make a difference?

Tell that to the advertising exec who launched his career into the stratosphere with three simple words:  Where’s the beef?.

Or, speak to the one man who embraced even more brevity with a simple question:  Got milk?  

These advertising execs spend their entire careers trying to do the same thing as we are:  Attract viewers attention.  You may have noticed with these free online title tools that each of them presents several question titles as in the ads above.

It’s all about getting the click-thru.  Ask a question and people will want to know the answer.  Use an emotional trigger word and people will click out of an emotional response.  Use a famous person’s name and people who want to be like them will click.

Great headlines are both an art and a science.

Each of these article generator tools uses the science to automatically create headlines based on your keywords.  After looking over what they offer, use a little nuance and creativity and you’ll come up with the perfect title every time!

Comments: Be honest…how much time do you spend on the titles of your posts?  Do you find any of these tools helpful?  Which ones? Sound off in the comments section below. I respond to all comments that come in. Cheers, Richard

Appendix A:  Great Article Title Resources

Above you have seen some amazing tools to quickly come up with compelling clickable titles.  All of these tools use the science behind the click to develop their tools.  As an adjunct to this article, I thought you would find the following 10 articles very useful, many of which further explore what motivates searchers to click your article titles:

  1. The Formula for a Perfect Headline
  2. The Anatomy of Perfect Blog Post: Headlines, Length, Images…More
  3. How to Write Magnetic Headlines
  4. 5 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Headlines
  5. A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles
  6. 4 Compelling Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Titles [Infographic]
  7. 74 Attention-Grabbing Blog Titles That Actually Work
  8. 100+ Blog Post Title Templates That Grab Attention
  9. Content Strategy: 9 Secrets for Awesome Blog Post Titles

Appendix B:  Evaluate/Suggest Title for This Article

It’s time for a little self-evaluation.  How did I do with the title for this article:  9 Powerful Title Generators That Drastically Increase Click-Thrus!

When I put it through the headline analyzer, I only get a B+.

personal headline analysis

Any suggestions?

Some Fun with Article Titles

Exhausted with researching and contriving great article titles and want to have a little fun with this topic? Check out this parody website, dedicated to coming up with endlessly entertaining titles: Upworthy Generator.

Automated Title Generators That Have Gone Out of Business

The two free online title generators below have gone the way of the fax machine in the past year: Tweak Your Biz (it looks like Tweak Your Biz may have returned and it’s the same as before) and ContentIdeator. They now both redirect to sites that seem to have purchased them but no longer offer the free headline generator.

So, we bid them a final adieu but leave the past reviews in this Appendix D for posterity’s sake.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator Review

tweak your biz reviewTweak Your Biz (click photo on right to visit site) is what I used in the previous section to generate article title ideas about exercise.  This site returns LOTS of results and it is the site that came up with The Justin Bieber Guide To Exercise.  However, when you enter other queries, you see Justin Bieber a lot:  The Justin Bieber Guide To Article Titles.

The site is extremely easy to use and does provide lots of results…except they’re all the same.  For example, with my two queries, the first results are:  Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Article Titles and Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Exercise.  

What I do like about this site is that it breaks down titles into the following sections:  Lists, Best, How-To, Questions, Love, Sex, Celebrities, Secrets, Snark (?), Business, Motivation, Problem, & The Kitchen Sink.  These sections are all scientifically proven strategies to compel the click.

ContentIdeator Blog Topic, Title & Ideas Generator Review

ContentIdeator Blog Topic ReviewAfter seeing many of these sites use basically the same technique, ContentIdeator initially surprised the heck out of me.

I put in my search term and out popped syntactically correct titles with something that seemed like built-in artificial intelligence.  Wow!

Take a look at this title:  “Strength Training Exercise to Improve Bone Density”.

This is incredible, I thought.  How did this program know that bone density was related to exercise?  Am I witnessing the evolution of these free online article title generators?

Sadly, the answer is “no”.

The reason that these titles are so apt is because they are actual article titles.  Take a look at the source.

I would be more impressed with ContentIdeator’s platform if most of the results that I have seen did not come from Ezine articles and other shady sources.

As an inspirational source, the ContentIdeator is not bad, but it’s not great.  Just remember:  Don’t use these titles unmodified because they are actually titles and you would be plagiarizing.

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