The SEO System: Customer Testimonials

I’ve got to say, frankly, I did not think that my web pages had a chance at moving up the Google rankings. I had my web site up for a lot of time and it was getting very little traffic. After implementing The SEO System, my traffic increased 20 times in the span of 6 months. The SEO System really works!”

–Jim Lee

I had a goal of “making it online” because I wanted a life where I could work from anywhere and, importantly, at any time because I like to work when I want. After creating a relationship-based dating blog, I received no traffic. In fact, many of my pages were not even in the search engines. As a last measure before giving up, I tried The SEO System and my pages gradually rose in the rankings and traffic started to filter in. It was a little at first and then started growing. I am now almost at the point where I make enough money to quit my day job. Thanks for this product…it has allowed me to achieve my dreams.”

–Beth Turner

I thought I was accomplished at SEO. I was following many of the best practices that I had read online. But after beginning with The SEO System, I realized just how little I was really doing…and how little I really knew. The SEO System brought me from someone trying to have success online to someone who now has success online!

–Frank Stalworth

I work for an SEO company who services many clients. We actually purchased The SEO System to see exactly what it did. I have to say…this thing is amazing. Normally, we would meet everyday to determine what our action items would be for our clients. Now, The SEO System does it all for us. We don’t even need to meet. This thing has saved us immeasurable amounts of time. Thx for this great tool, but please don’t let our clients know that it exists.

–Name Withheld

I have purchased so many products online that make these giant claims of big dollars. Each time I was left disappointed. Not any more! I wasn’t going to buy this product because I had been burned so many times by false claims. But, at $29 a month, what did I have to lose? And boy was it worth it. Over time, I noticed my pages being accessed more and more with the search keywords used in the articles. My AdSense revenue consistenly increased every month. Now, I am paying $29 a month for product that is bringing me in more $2,000 a month in revenue. I’d say that is a good tradeoff, no?”

–Natalie Caras

I run a medium-sized brick and mortar business. I wanted to branch out and offer our goods online. To do this, I contracted an SEO company to improve our Search Engine Results. After paying thousands of dollars, they got the name of our company to the #1 spot on Google and proclaimed success. I was pleased at first…until I realized that nobody searches for the name of our company–they search for the goods that we sell. I then asked the SEO company for a quote to do that. Well, I was sorely disappointed after they gave me a quote to get these detail pages to the top of the seach engines. $25,000 for a one year contract. What??? Have they not seen the economic figures out there today. I am a medium-sized business and don’t have a large pocketbook. After looking around, one of my assistants found The SEO System and suggested we give this a try in house. Now, a year later, that assistant has gotten a big raise! The SEO System saved us untold amounts of money in SEO fees and slowly but surely provided the results we were looking for…saving me about $25,000 in the process. What a great product!

–Larry Nelson

To those of you out there who play the “numbers game” and have tens or hundreds of blogs, I have something to tell you. This product has hidden gems that make it an absolute must-have. First, you can update all of your blogs from within the program through a tool called The SEO System Blogger. I have Blogger blogs, LiveJournal blogs, and WordPress blogs which can all be updated through this one product. This alone saves tons of time and makes this tool worth it on its own. But, more importantly, it tells you exactly how to link your blog webpages together using the proper keywords in a themed way. This provides maximized SEO! For all of you out there who do SEO, I tell you again, it’s a must-have!

–Robert Quigley

I love this product. It’s exactly what I needed to grow my online business.”

–Bob Bradshaw

I read all about how to make my blog popular, everything from blog commenting to social media. None of it worked. I was furiously updating my blog all the time and not really getting anywhere. You know what worked? The SEO System. I now update my blog just once a week, spending much less time with it, and getting much better results.

–Veronica Laurey

To those of you who try to plan and do your own SEO as I did, stop right now. You simply cannot work as effectively as The SEO System. Just buy it and do exactly what it tells you. You’ll be on the road to success in no time.“

–John Stafford

The SEO System is a truly remarkable product for beginners and experts alike. If you want to achieve top search engine results for all of your web pages, The SEO System is a must-have resource!”

–Tim Wynn

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