Small Business SEO: The Secrets to Success

Written by | Date Updated: August 17, 2016

Small Business SEOSmall businesses, typically with tighter budgets than their larger counterparts, often ask the question: “Do I need to implement SEO for my site?”

In this article, we will explain why small businesses need SEO more than their larger competitors and how they can implement effective SEO on their small business budget.

Why Small Businesses Need SEO

If you are involved in running a smaller business, you are familiar with the notion of “wearing many hats”.  Not only do you have to run your core business, you are involved in every decision for your company.  At some point, one of the questions that invariable arises is “What is SEO and do I need it?”

For many business owners, the answer to this question has historically been unpleasant.

Nowadays, all business owners know that they need a website.  Often, they contract with a company and pay high dollars to do a quality website and then they assume new clients will come rolling in via their new site.  The assumption is, like in the movie Field of Dreams,  “if you build it, they will come.”

Then, they don’t come.

This is a disheartening reality for many business owners, especially because they are frequently misled by their web designers.  The stark reality is that a great website does not bring traffic.  It may keep people on your site once they visit, but it will not bring them there.

This is why small businesses need SEO:  to bring visitors to their site.  And, the unfortunate fact is, small businesses need SEO even more than their larger competitors.

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Why Small Businesses Need SEO More Than Large Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is built on the concept of implied trust.  Let’s take a look at what this means in the context of your small business website and show you why small businesses need SEO more than their larger counterparts.

If you have done business with a partner for a lengthy time, you have built a level of trust with that business partner.  You don’t need to vet or investigate the individual or company because you have done business with them in the past.

Search engine results work the same way.  Long-standing businesses have achieved a level of trust with Google and other search engines.  They are beyond reproach with these search engines and their results will appear before yours in the search engines.

And, Google has just made things even tougher.  They have recently updated their search algorithms to favor established companies even more, heightening the case for small business SEO.

The Secret to Small Business SEO

You need SEO for your small business now more than ever.  But, how do you go about it?  Should you outsource your SEO needs? Should you learn SEO yourself?  Should you dedicate someone at your company to do it?

In this section, we will look at the secrets to small business SEO and answer the most vexing question of all:  How can you implement successful SEO on a budget?

Outsourcing SEO For Your Small Business:  Buyer Beware!

One of the challenges of owning a small business is to decide what you can do yourself and what you need to outsource.  SEO for your website presents one of these decision making points.

The SEO world is filled with an equal amount of charlatans and cheats as it is with knowledgeable, quality providers.  Additionally, the fees of these SEO services will run the gambit.  Some of these SEO firms will charge you thousands of dollars per month while others will charge hundreds.  It can be very difficult to know who you can trust.  You may want to read our recent article:   You Need An SEO Expert, But Who Can You Trust?

In looking at a cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing SEO for your small business, we at The SEO System do not believe that it is worth the return even with quality SEO services.  We will explain why this is below.

Learning SEO Yourself

Many small business owners, especially 1 and 2 person firms with small budgets, basically do everything themselves.  They treat SEO no differently and try to learn SEO themselves.

However, while the general idea of SEO can be consumed in a reasonable amount of time, SEO is a moving target and keeping an eye on the target will remove the focus where it needs to be–the core business.

You certainly don’t want to be sidetracked by the on-going study of SEO that you sacrifice your business.  After all, you are attempting to learn SEO to better your small business.

As we will see in the secrets to small business SEO below, there is a better solution.

The True Secret to Small Business SEO

If you have made it to this section, consider yourself fortunate.  Here, we reveal the true secret to small business SEO and it is a secret that the SEO firms, who often charge thousands of dollars a month, do not want you to know.

Successful SEO is comprised of small steps performed consistently each day. 

The reason that you do not want to use an outsourcing firm to perform these steps is that they are basic procedures that anybody can follow.  The SEO firms do not want you to know this because they will charge you $100/hr for their services and then outsource these basic steps to someone who they will then pay $10/hr.

The reason that you do not want to do SEO yourself is because keeping up with these basic procedures, knowing what they are and knowing what tasks that you need to perform each day, robs you of the time that you need to dedicate to bettering your small business.

The true secret to small business SEO is The SEO System. 

Our SEO software tells you exactly what small steps you need to perform each day to get to the top of the search engines.  We lay out a daily plan that can be followed by anyone at your company.

So, instead of paying thousands of dollars to an SEO firm, or burying yourself in SEO studies (that’s what we do!), you can get to the top of the search engines for less than the price of a monthly gym membership.

That’s the secret to small business SEO success!

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