SEO and Blogging: 5 Must-Do SEO Tips for Every Blog Post!

Written by | Date Updated: March 28, 2016

seo-tips-for-bloggers-blog-postIf you are thinking of creating a blog, you have to understand how important it is to have search engine optimized content. It is essential to know everything you possibly can about how to create it. Although there are plenty of different bloggers and content writers, only a fraction of them understand how to create content that is properly optimized. So to make sure that you are creating quality web content, we are going to go over 5 excellent SEO tips for every blog post.

Blog Post Content Quality Always Matters

Simply putting words or images on a page won’t be considered quality content. Search engines know when content is good or not, and they love great content. You should be doing everything in your power to come up with the best content possible. Once you post something that has a lot of value, you will end up attracting more viewers which then catches the attention of search engines and will end up ranking you higher.  The higher you are ranked, the more traffic you will be getting.

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Be Specific and Stay on Topic

Your content should have a subject and a main goal. Is it going to teach your audience something? Provide a good story? Make them Laugh? It doesn’t matter what kind of content you end up creating, you should know what you are writing about and why. If you start writing about more than one specific topic, then search engines have a harder time indexing the content and you will risk your content not being indexed for your targeted keywords.

Your audience will also enjoy your content more if you keep on topic. Going off topic might end up confusing them or make them lose interest. If you have something else that you want to write about that is relevant to your niche, then write it in a different piece of content.

Blog Post SEO Keyword Research

Completing the proper keyword research is exactly what all content needs. Keywords allow you to target your content to attract a certain type of audience and the research allows you to find particular search terms that are easier to rank. You will be analyzing the keyword’s statistics, getting to know what kind of competition you are up against, and you will also be looking for similar keywords that might be better keywords to target.

Once you are able to come up with a proper keyword strategy, all of your content will be much easier to optimize. You will know what kind of keywords to use and what type of content to create. Just remember not to  use the keyword to many times because it could be considered as a black hat tactic and punished by Google.

Blog Post Headlines

The Title, URL, and other headlines should all be optimized with keywords and properly thought out. Your URL should be optimized to show the title of the content within it. A lot of websites still implement a sequence of numbers or letters, which can really hurt your SEO. A good example of a URL would be: Once you have your URL optimized, you need to come up with a catchy title (check out these 9 Powerful Title Generators That Drastically Increase Click-Thrus!) that includes your keywords but also attractive enough to appeal to your target audience. Search engines weigh the words that are in your title and headlines more than the body of your content, so it is important to put a lot of thought into them.

Length of Blog Post for Better SEO

Search engines prefer pages to be certain length, so ensuring your content is between 500 words to 1000 words, will increase your chances at being ranked high. If you are creating a large piece, then you should try and cut it into a few different pages. Linking them together will still provide your viewers with all of the information, but also make search engines rank you higher.

Overall, there are plenty of different SEO techniques that you can use in your content, but these 5 tips will get your stuff much more optimized. Just remember that SEO takes a long time to master and you won’t see results over night. So, be patient and just keep everything you have optimized as best as possible. You will see results soon enough.


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