SEO and Web Content Writing: How Often Should I Post New Web Content?

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SEO web contentsQuestion: I am new to SEO and I am trying to understand how often I should be writing web content for my business. I have heard that I should write web content frequently so that my website gets maximum exposure in the search engines. From an SEO perspective, how often would you recommend that I create new content? –Sharon, Sun Valley, Idaho

Answer: SEO and Writing Web Content: How Often Should You Post

Sharon, this is a great question and one that we see asked quite often.

In fact, in reading some blogs about SEO and writing web content, you may read that you should create new content several times a day so that Google and the other search engines know that your site is an active authority on a topic.

With this in mind, we see people pulling their hair out trying to create 4 or 5 blog posts a day just to keep up.

This is nonsense…in most cases.

Quality Web Content Trumps Quantity Web Content Nearly Every Time

SEO web content

Sharon, the idea that you need to create 4 or 5 blog posts a day is preposterous. Unless you have a team of excellent writers, you simply cannot maintain the quality of your content if you are writing with such frequency.

So, how often should you write new web content for SEO purposes?

The answer to this question varies because everyone writes, and produces quality content, at a different pace. However, though times may vary, the answer for everyone is this:

Create new content with a frequency that allows that content to be of the highest quality. Click To Tweet

Is Your Web Content Link Bait?

Sharon, have you heard the term link bait? Matt Cutts, who is the Google search authority, defines link bait as anything “interesting enough to catch people’s attention.” Essentially, if your article catches people’s attention, it will encourage them to share your link with others (ergo, the term “link bait”!) and elevate the position of your article in the search engines.

So, ask yourself, is your content link bait? Does your content catch people’s attention and draw them in? Will people want to tell others about your article? And, if not, should you bother writing this content?

The Type of Content Can Often Dictate the Frequency

Sharon, since the question is how often to create content, you must also consider the type of content that is being created. You did not mention the topic of your content in the question above but let me give you an example.

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is a website called The Superficial. It’s a website all about celebrity gossip.

Now, on a site like this, new content must be created daily because celebrity gossip (like Kim Kardashian’s recent pregnancy!) happens consistently and constantly. Similarly, any sites that report the daily news must be updated many times a day.

However, for the rest of us, we do not need to obsess about writing web content daily. We need to obsess about writing quality web content.

Conclusion: SEO and Web Content…How Often Should You Create Content?

Sharon, I hope I have answered your question here.

In conclusion, the answer is that you do not have to be writing web content for SEO everyday to rank high in the search engines. If you create excellent content once a week, that is much better than writing dribble every day, unless of course, it is celebrity gossip dribble 🙂

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Richard CummingsSEO and Web Content Writing: How Often Should I Post New Web Content?