Top Tips on Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Website

Written by | Date Updated: October 25, 2019

get-more-website-clicksWant to get more clicks on your website?  Of course you do…and so does everyone else!

Getting clicks on your website, therefore, is like winning a tightly contested competition.

Your blog is up against a million other sites, all baying for the attention of the readers.

Since it is impossible to read each website and the content it has to offer, below are top tips on how to get more clicks on your website.

Use a Catchy Title

A great title is like a perfume; it creates awareness in the loveliest of ways. When writing on your website, use a catchy title to introduce your content. According to research on how users read on the web, 79 percent of web users scan and scroll rather than read.

It is only plausible that the scanning and scrolling stop where there is something different from the norm – an exciting title. It is vital to have a catchy title that will have web users pause, click, and read your content.

Your headline should be uniquely appealing, as it is the first step in getting more clicks on your content.

Include Numbers

The power of numbers on anything is immeasurable. For instance, a competition with no rankings doesn’t have much relevance compared to a ranked one. In writing on your website, the same applies; content with numbers is more eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Irrespective of where your content appears, including a number, will make your content stand out. It is a tested format that can be used to get more clicks and increase traffic on your website. The use of numbers in a title is among data insights that lead readers into clicking a post.

Make the Post Solution-Centric

Posts that are solution-centric are posts that offer solutions to queries.

They usually are the how-to and why type of posts. These types of posts attract a lot of clicks because the audience is getting a solution to their problems. When problems arise, the first sentence that comes in your head is “how-to” as you switch to google.

In solution-centric posts, the reader assumes that a direct solution will be offered in the post. It is easy to satisfy your reader’s curiosity as they don’t spend a lot of time getting a definite answer.

Ask a Question                    

Including a question will have a reader pause and look at the content keenly.

Use of questions that have the reader think critically leaves them curious. Since they cannot answer instantly, they are forced to click on the link.

To grab the attention of your target audience, ask an intriguing question, and watch a multitude click on your website.

Keyword Generators

To make your website content appear on search engines, include keywords in your content. Thus, when your future click searches the web using those keywords, your content will pop up. 

It will put your post ahead of the other million posts written about the same content. Having your content above the rest is an added advantage which will lead to more clicks.

In conclusion, getting clicks on your website is a vital online marketing tool that can catapult your business to unbelievable heights.

If you want to make your business a household name, start by investing in getting more clicks!


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Guest AuthorTop Tips on Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Website