Quality Web Content and THE BIG LIE!

Written by | Date Updated: March 22, 2018

The Truth About Quality Web Content

I often hear “authorities” on the Internet exclaim: “Just create quality web content and visitors will come!”

This is the biggest lie perpetuated by those who are already an authority and deceives beginners into thinking that quality web content is enough.

Why Quality Web Content Is Not Enough

Do you ever write web content that nobody reads?

It’s an endless complaint that I often hear: “I’m creating great web content and nobody is reading it!”

Today, I am going to tell you the biggest lie about web content: “Great web content alone brings visitors!

And this lie is perpetuated in great abundance. Here is just one example quote from a leading publication:

“The key [to gaining visitors] is to produce content people find useful and want to share.” ~Smashing Magazine Article

The only time that statements such as this are true is for established, authoritative websites that have many existing readers…like CNN or Mashable.

But, for the rest of the folks, great content will be the proverbial tree in the woods unless you promote it!

Let’s look at this from another angle.

What is the number one soft drink in the world? If you guessed Coca-Cola, you’re right. In fact, I am enjoying one right now!

Now, think about this: Why does Coca-Cola, a beverage sold 1.7 billion times a day, have a Facebook page? You already know what it tastes like and it is already the most recognized brand in the world? Do they really need a Facebook page? Or, for that matter, a Google+ page, a Pinterest page, etc.?

What does quality web content have to do with Coca-Cola? More exposure equals more consumption…be it web content or soda pop!

Quality Web Content Does Matter; It’s Just Not Enough

Don’t get me wrong–quality web content definitely does matter and it does bring visitors.

However, to suggest that quality content alone is sufficient, with no accompanying promotional content marketing strategy, is a lie and misleads those who are just starting out.

As I wrote in the on-page SEO section of our website, people mistakenly believe, with respect to quality web content: “If you build it, they will come.”

Guess what? No they won’t!

Many years ago, I realized this the hard way. I took my time and wrote several quality articles…that nobody read. What a waste of time!

I resolved right then and there to never waste my time again. If I take time to write quality material, I want it read by A LOT of people.

I then began promoting my well-written posts by implementing a comprehensive SEO and social media plan. Did it work? Oh my gosh…did it work!

Take a look at the stats that I just copied and pasted from ONE article below:

web content promotional stats

This article was written on a website that, at the time, was not yet an authority website.

As you see in the first month of May, the article received just 394 visits, about 10 per day.

Over time and through gradual article promotion, the post now receives about 10,000 article views per month, or more than 300 per day.

From 10 visits per day to 300…that’s what solid SEO and social media promotion brings–lots of visitors!

Yes, quality content is important.

In fact, I always ask myself, “Is my article as good or better than the others that currently appear in the search results?”

If the answer is “no”, I rework the article and make it better!

However, clearly, quality content on a non-authority site is not enough. You must promote your quality web content.

After doing so, I brought the article above from 10 visitors a day to more than 300. That’s nearly a 3000% gain!

So, the next time someone tells you…”Just create quality web content and you will get lots of visitors”…don’t believe them. It’s a lie.

Richard Cummings

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Richard CummingsQuality Web Content and THE BIG LIE!