Where Can I Download Older Versions of WordPress?

Written by | Date Updated: December 11, 2014

Find and Download Old WordPress Versions

Question: I have a client who uses an older version of WordPress and I need to duplicate their environment. Do you know if there is a place where I can download older versions of WordPress. Thanks! -Steven, Miami, Fl

Older Versions of WordPress: Find and Download

Steven, another great question. WordPress does not make this as obvious as you would think–it seems that every download link defaults to the current version.

However, WordPress has a good reason for this: Previous versions of WordPress typically have security flaws.

But there are reasons that one may need to download older versions of WordPress and you have mentioned one in your post–to duplicate a client environment. As we at The SEO System help organizations in their small business SEO efforts, we are often called upon to do a site review and invariably find very dated versions of WordPress.

Thus, we too often must duplicate their environment.

And, in doing so, we always to go this location to download older versions of WordPress.

Steven, we hope this leads you to where you needed to be and thanks for the question!

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Richard CummingsWhere Can I Download Older Versions of WordPress?