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The “Passing” of PageRank: A Round Up of the Top 10 Posts

Written by | Date Updated: March 12, 2016

The tool that many SEO’s have used for several years, Google PageRank, is officially dead…or dying.  Sources say that PageRank data will be unavailable within a couple of weeks.

I still see the PageRank data in my Chrome Open SEO browser and stats toolbar  as you see below:

PageRank Death RoundUp

But, presumably, this data will disappear in short order.

So, what is the reaction of the masses?  Let’s take a look at the top posts with quotable Tweets about the death of PageRank in this weekly round-up.

Top 10 Posts About The “Passing” of PageRank

1. Danny Sullivan provides a retrospective on how PageRank ruined the web:

PageRank, Google’s original secret sauce, finally goes back to being secret. @dannysullivan Click To Tweet

2.  Barry Schwartz says Good Riddance to PageRank!

Google PageRank will be completely unavailable to all within two weeks. @rustybrick Click To Tweet

3.  From the Y Combinator forums:

When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. @ycombinator Click To Tweet

4.  Matt Southern from his article Google to Stop Displaying Toolbar PageRank Scores:

Link spam ran rampant in the heyday of PageRank @sejournal Click To Tweet

5.  Jennifer Slegg on Google Removing PageRank From Google Toolbar:

It seems there are no changes related to how Google is using PageRank @jenstar Click To Tweet

6.  From the Team Position blog post It’s Curtains For Google PageRank:

We look forward to seeing a web with far fewer spam links in comments. @Position2 Click To Tweet

7.  Alex Hunt bids farewell to PageRank and ponders How Will This Affect SEO:

This removal of PageRank will help create a more varied and improved SEO landscape. @punchcomms Click To Tweet

8.  Chloe Green asks what does this mean for your website?

The metric's demise marks the final death knell for the old era of SEO @InformationAge Click To Tweet

9.  On the PureContent blog, Jo Cook realizes that this death of PageRank comes as no surprise but it…

Makes it a little more difficult for users to understand the value of sites. @Purecontent Click To Tweet

10.  And of course, The SEO System ponders The “Passing of Google PageRank“: 🙂

The top 10 quotes and posts about the 'Passing' of Google PageRank. Click To Tweet
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Richard CummingsThe “Passing” of PageRank: A Round Up of the Top 10 Posts