How Can I Tell If My Website Is Mobile Friendly?

the-seo-system-mobile-friendlyQuestion:  I have been reading so much about how my website should be mobile-friendly.  But, as a small business owner, I have little time to attend to my website.  How can I quickly tell if my homepage and my entire site show up well on everyone’s mobile phone?  It looks good on mine :)  Thanks, Barbara, Dallas, Texas

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Richard CummingsHow Can I Tell If My Website Is Mobile Friendly?
online buying habits

Who Buys Online in 2018?

online buying habits

Who Buys Online?

Who buys products online in 2018?

This is a question that is too infrequently asked by people who try to sell online.

If you have a product that you are trying to sell online, it makes sense to first determine if your targeted audience is one who actually buys products online.

First, you absolutely need to find out if your product caters to those who buy online.

Secondly, to be an effective online advertiser, you need to know your advertising audience exactly! This will save you money and drastically improve the amount of people who actually buy your product.

But, how do you find this out?

In an article entitled “The surprising facts about who shops online and on mobile“, Cooper Smith attempted to find out the answer to this very question.

This topic was further researched in-depth in an article entitled The 19 Ecommerce Trends + 147 Online Shopping Stats Fueling Sales Growth in 2018 by Tracey Wallace.

The conclusions in these articles may surprise you.
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Richard CummingsWho Buys Online in 2018?
Submit Post to Google WebMaster Tools

How Do I Get My Web Content Indexed Immediately in Google [2018 Updates]?

Submit Post to Google WebMaster Tools

Question: I often publish time-sensitive web content that I would like to have indexed immediately. Because I am a new site, Google does not often pick up on it right away. Is there a way that I can have my web content indexed immediately? Thanks for your help. Candice, Denver, Colorado

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Richard CummingsHow Do I Get My Web Content Indexed Immediately in Google [2018 Updates]?

Web Administration: No Permission to Create SubDomains

Question: Hi there. I just tried to create a sub-domain of my domain and I received a message that said: “There was a problem creating the sub-domain: You do not have permission to create subdomains of the server’s hostname.“. I have pasted the exact error message below:

creating subdomains error

The Error Message

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Richard CummingsWeb Administration: No Permission to Create SubDomains
Post to WordPress from Cell Phone

Publishing to WordPress from your Android Phone

Question: Is there a way that I can publish to my WordPress blog from my Android phone? The reason I ask this is because I have become accustomed to talking out my posts instead of typing them and it would be great if I could do this for my WordPress posts :-). Currently, I talk out the post in my gmail and then email it to myself and copy and paste it to my blog but it would be really great if I could post directly to WordPress from my Samsung Android phone.  Many thanks in advance!  Lucy, Denver, Co


WordPress for Android: Post to WordPress from the Park or Anywhere

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Richard CummingsPublishing to WordPress from your Android Phone
Google Plus Promoted Ad Posts

Google+ Promoted Posts: Do They Exist Yet?

Question: Does Google+ offer a way to promote posts? I have had success in this arena with Facebook and LinkedIn and I would like to do the same for Google+. Possible? -Cecelia, Portland, OrRead More

Richard CummingsGoogle+ Promoted Posts: Do They Exist Yet?

Where Can I Download Older Versions of WordPress?


Find and Download Old WordPress Versions

Question: I have a client who uses an older version of WordPress and I need to duplicate their environment. Do you know if there is a place where I can download older versions of WordPress. Thanks! -Steven, Miami, FlRead More

Richard CummingsWhere Can I Download Older Versions of WordPress?

What is the best time to post on social media?

Social-Media-best-time-to-postQuestion: I am wondering what are the best times to post for the various social media sites. I use The SEO System as my primary SEO and social media software and so, as I do my daily social media updates, I am wondering when they will be most effective? Thanks in advance for your help. -Bethany, Phoenix, AZRead More

Richard CummingsWhat is the best time to post on social media?

Google+ Image Size: How Can I Shrink It?

google-plus-cover-photoQuestion: Google+ recently changed their default image size for cover photos and it’s way too big for my liking. Is there any way to adjust the size of the new Google Plus cover image for my company page? -Mike, McLean, VARead More

Richard CummingsGoogle+ Image Size: How Can I Shrink It?

What Is My Google+ URL Address?


Google Plus URL: The Proper Format

Question: What is my exact Google+ URL? I keep reading about the benefits of Google Authorship and that I need to get my Google+ profile out there, but I want to know what is the proper Google+ URL. When I hover over my name it gives me subdirectories like “ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. So, what is the proper format for the Google+ URL? -Nancy, Dallas, TXRead More

Richard CummingsWhat Is My Google+ URL Address?

WordPress and Encrypted Search Terms?

encrypted search terms WordPress

WordPress Stats: Encrypted Search Terms

Question: Why am I seeing encrypted search terms in my WordPress Stats? I always use to see all of the keywords that people would use to find my pages. Now, I see just a few keywords and the one with most hits just says “encrypted_search_terms”. What is going on? -Catie, Bethesda, MDRead More

Richard CummingsWordPress and Encrypted Search Terms?

Quotes in Meta Tags

Quotes in Meta TagsQuestion: Following instructions from your free on-page SEO guide, I am re-writing the meta descriptions for my pages to make them more search engine friendly. In doing this, I have one description that I want to use quotes in. Is it ok to use quotes in my meta description? -Val, Bloomington, IllinoisRead More

Richard CummingsQuotes in Meta Tags

Facebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable

Question: On my Facebook Business page, the invite friends option is not available. I only see the “invite email contacts”. I have read and agree that inviting all of your existing Facebook friends is a good idea to jumpstart your Facebook business page but I can’t seem to find the option. Can you help? Thanks, Barbara–Sacramento, CA

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Richard CummingsFacebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable

URL of Facebook Wall Post?

Question: I would like to share my Facebook Wall posts to other outlets but I can’t seem to get the URL. What is the URL of a Facebook wall post? –Kathy, Topeka, KansasRead More

Richard CummingsURL of Facebook Wall Post?