What Is My Google+ URL Address?

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Google Plus URL: The Proper Format

Question: What is my exact Google+ URL? I keep reading about the benefits of Google Authorship and that I need to get my Google+ profile out there, but I want to know what is the proper Google+ URL. When I hover over my name it gives me subdirectories like “https://plus.google.com/u/0/ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. So, what is the proper format for the Google+ URL? -Nancy, Dallas, TX

Your Google+ Address URL: The Many Different Formats

Nancy, you’re not alone in this question. It has bedeviled many and is very important when learning how to implement Google authorship and mastering Google Plus for Business.

Fortunately, whatever method that you have chosen thus far will probably work. However, there is a one way that Google prefers which we will share below. But, before going there, let’s take a look at the most common way the may people express their Google+ profile URL.

Your Google+ Address URL: The Most Common Way To Get It

Initially, the way that most people get their Google+ URL is by simply going to their Google+ Profile, hovering over their name, and then copying the URL which they will then paste in various locations. I will use my Google+ URL (follow me!) as an example. That copied URL looks like this:


Alternatively, if you copy from the URL bar at the top of your browser, the URL will look like this:


Though each of these URLs work to access your Google profile (and they work with http as well as https), they are not the preferred Google method.

The Preferred Google+ URL

When figuring out the best way to do something with Google, it is best to avoid the speculation of the masses and go straight to the source for the answer–Google.

On every occasion, when Google is talking about referencing your Google+ profile (here for example), they list the URL as follows:


So, Nancy, in conclusion, that is the preferred format of your Google+ URL.

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