5 Important Things you Should Know About Parallax Scrolling in Web Design

Written by | Date Updated: October 22, 2022

Enhance Your Website Look & Feel!

Keeping user engaged on websites continues to get harder and harder, but luckily technology lets us come up with fresh ways of getting people’s attention and keeping it. Parallax Scrolling is one of the best ways to make your design more appealing to the target audience.

So what is Parallax Scrolling? It is when the background as well as the foreground images move at different speed to help provide a 3D depth. Large companies have started to use this technique in their websites and have been extremely successful with it. So in this article we are just going to cover 5 important things you should realize about Parallax Scrolling in your designs.

Overall Better User Experience

Want to keep your users engaged and focused on what’s important? No problem, by integrating parallax scrolling, you can use flashy color, big movements, and great graphics to keep your viewers entertained and looking at what you want them to look at. Like I stated earlier, keeping people interested in what we are providing in our websites will only continue to get harder, so it is important that we find effective ways to keep their eyeballs for more than just a few seconds.

Better Product Descriptions

Businesses have been really benefiting from parallax scrolling because of ways they are able to present their products to their potential buyers. Instead of just having a regular old ecommerce site that has lame product descriptions, you can create stories for your products and have users engage with the content.

Consumers have seen the old designs hundreds of times before. If you are trying to design a unique website that offers products or services, then using parallax scrolling will definitely help you achieve your goal.

Reduces Bounce Rate

Having a high bounce rate on your website is an indication that something isn’t working right. If people end up getting to your site, only to leave extremely soon, then you have to find the source of the problem. In some cases, the slow loading of your website might be the reason. Always remember that the host plays a major role in the success of a site. Bluehost, webhostinghub, and Hostgator are some of the top performing hosts today from which to choose.

Much of the time, the reason for a “user bounce” may be irrelevant content but often it is that your page is unattractive. All of these problems can easily be solved with a quality design including parallax scrolling. If your viewers are required to scroll to get more information or to see an animation, then they are more willing to stay and interact with the site, increasing the amount of time they are on your site. Making sure you don’t have high bounce rates is extremely important because your website will end up getting punished my major search engines and you will see your website ranks drop.

Great for SEO and Natural Backlinks

While SEO and social media success are incredibly hard to achieve, a positive aesthetic only helps. Creating an incredible design will not only attract people, but you will receive a good amount of backlinks and social media likes. These are important to keep in mind because the more links you have and the more social shares, the higher you will be ranked throughout major search engines.

Aside from just getting links, parallax scrolling also allows you to use heavy animations that will not adversely affect your on-page SEO efforts. Before, people thought using flash was an incredible idea, but it turns out that the search engines have a really hard time reading that language. Using parallax scrolling doesn’t put your site at risk and will only increase its effectiveness with SEO.

Must Make it Mobile Friendly

One thing that you are going to want to make sure to do is to make it friendly to all devices. Since everyone searches the Internet on different devices nowadays, it would be really bad if your design was only compatible on an actual computer. The more people that have access to your site, the better. It is much harder to optimize the design for all platforms, but in the end will be well worth it. Limiting the amount of people that have access to your site will only increase the risk of it failing in the long run.

Overall, using parallax scrolling in web design requires effort, but it is an effort that returns just rewards!


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