Top 5 Pinterest Tips to Increase Engagement Levels

Written by | Date Updated: December 11, 2014

Pinterest Tips

Pinterest topped the list as the most engaging and fastest growing social network in 2012, and its popularity is not going to wane anytime soon. The concept is pretty simple – pin up images you like on your board and share it with others in your network.

Businesses were quick to catch up with this hottest trend, and recently Pinterest itself has realized the potential of its idea for the business users.

There’s no need for words here – all you have to do is pin images. It’s a great branding tool for your business, no matter how new or well established you may be. If you have just started out on Pinterest, here are important Pinterest tips to ensure that you drive customer engagement on this platform:

Pinterest engagement

Pinterest Tip #1: Feature more ‘Pin it’ buttons on your website page

For users who often visit your website, make sure that there are enough ‘Pin it’ buttons across all your pages to encourage them to share your content on Pinterest. Get your most loyal visitors to become a part of your Pinterest revolution and see how word of your business spreads faster over Pinterest through these pins.

While you’re at it, also let them know that you are on Pinterest. Feature buttons encouraging visitors to your site to follow you on Pinterest and become a part of your network. The bigger your network, just like on any other social network, the more visible your brand becomes.

Pinterest Tip #2:Don’t restrict yourself to just one board

Be lavish when it comes to sharing stuff on Pinterest. While sharing a lot of content on one board could become tedious, it helps if you create multiple sharing boards and share related content over each board.

For instance, use a separate board to share the latest updates about your own brand, like new products and offers, press releases, etc. and another board to share content you come across from other sources, like interesting stuff you found over the internet or within your Pinterest network.

Pinterest Tip #3: Get Experimental!

You may want to get a little experimental with unique themes for your boards.  Pinterest should be considered a location where you business can experiment more than other formal settings. For instance, let’s say you run a salon, your themes could be, ‘Party The Night’ with images of recommended party hairdos, makeup shades, and ‘party looks’; ‘Zero Maintenance’ with images of easy to manage hairdos, quick fix make-up products, etc.

Pinterest Tip #4:Repin and like what your network is sharing with you

Just like any other social network, Pinterest too can’t just be used for one-way communication. To have other people take note of what you share, you need to do the same with them too. So, next time you come across anything interesting shared by some user in your network, make sure that you like the pin and repin it on your boards too.

This is the best way to engage with your network, and this will ensure that your users return the favour and repin the content you pin to your boards as well.

Pinterest Tip #5:Be Creative and Useful

This would require you to spend a little more time doing research on Pinterest. Take the time out to go through some of the more popular boards and see what it is that they are doing differently.  Take the popular clothing brand Nordstrom for example. They upload creative photo-shoots of their apparels in outdoor locations making for very interesting imagery.

It’s also a good idea to not always focus on brand promotion and instead share relevant stuff from other brands (who are not your competitors) that your uses may find useful. To give you an example, let’s say you own a Sparkling Water brand, now other than sharing pictures of your own events, you could also share pictures of restaurants that make the best sparkling water cocktails, and even cocktail recipes shared by well-known bartenders.

These very pinteresting tips will enable you to achieve optimal Pinterest marketing for your business.

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