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5 Free Social Analytics Tools for Businesses

Written by | Date Updated: August 14, 2016

free social media tools

The dawn of the Internet has successfully and permanently changed the landscape in which businesses reach out and become visible to consumers. As a result, the online marketing industry has grown exponentially over the past few years,

with social media outsourcing quickly becoming one of the most in-demand services among Internet-savvy businesses. This isn’t at all surprising, especially now that we live in an era in which a few clicks have made it possible for people from all over the world to scout for products and services, compare prices from different brands, and even decide on a purchase on the spot—within minutes of browsing online.

Due to its efficiency and reach potential, social media has become one of the most widely used marketing tools for businesses of various shapes and sizes. However, social media marketing is only effective when done correctly—which is why it is very important that marketers have in-depth understanding of social media analytics and how to properly use social media statistics to their marketing advantage.

With the use of effective analytics tools, businesses are able to gain a clear picture of how users are interacting with their posts. Such understanding of what works and what doesn’t allows marketers to strategize better and create more successful campaigns.

Here are some popular social-media analytics tools that are completely free and can help you get started:

5 Free Social Media Management & Analytic Tools

  1. Followerwonk is a tool that allows you to explore and expand your social graph. One of the most popular Twitter tools, Followerwonk provides a detailed breakdown of your followers, as well as activities that happen within your network. It also allows you to identify your followers’ demographics—from where they’re located to when and how often they tweet.
  1. Iconosquare is an easy-to-use Instagram analytics tool that provides a holistic view of posts, likes, comments, and followers. It is an all-around management tool that is able to break down stats within your indicated time frame, e.g. for the last seven days, or the past month. Simply click the option to view a summary snapshot of your main stats, and it will be conveniently sent to you via email.
  1. Cyfe is a multi-purpose analytics dashboard that efficiently keeps track of the data found on all your online services such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter—all from a single location and in real time. Its powerful features even allow dashboard customization, making it easy for you to manage and analyze data from all your social media accounts.
  1. ViralWoot is a highly useful tool for Pinterest users aiming for added exposure. Through this tool, you can earn points by simply following other users and re-pinning their posts. It also makes it easier to schedule posts depending on when they’ll most likely be visible to other users. Viralwoot also allows you to create alerts that inform you when some of your posts have been re-pinned.
  1. SumAll is an effective connector of a business’s most crucial online marketing and e-commerce data. Presented via an interactive chart, SumAll provides easy-to-digest insights on the changes happening on all your major social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

As businesses continuously invest in social media marketing to successfully market their brands, using analytics tools will prove to be the most efficient way to measure campaign performance and progress. The information acquired from various analytics tools can be used to design future campaigns and determine the direction of existing ones. Most importantly, these tools will help businesses adjust and make changes accordingly, since all actions are grounded by actual stats.


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