How to Engage Your Target Market with Twitter

Written by | Date Updated: August 5, 2013

engage Twitter FollowersTwitter is an invaluable tool for reaching a large audience simultaneously. This is especially useful for marketers that wish to deliver content to their target markets. When Twitter is included in a marketing scheme, it can be utilized to reach potential customers and to expose them to your brand, products and services.

Below is a list of tips for using Twitter to address your desired segment of the market.

Retweet Relevant Content

Retweeting content that your target market would find interesting is a great way to get them onboard with your brand. For example, a company that wishes to sell its products to a segment of the population in Ottawa could retweet news and updates about the Ottawa Senators, news about events and festivals in Ottawa and other local viral content. Retweets are a great way to include relevant cultural and social content in your marketing campaigns on Twitter. Make sure you use hashtags for that specific location.

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While retweets are a valuable addition to your Twitter content, that’s exactly what they’re meant to be, an addition. Be sure not to overdo it when it comes to retweets or you may risk burying your own brand voice among the clutter. A few strategic, relevant retweets make an excellent complement to your own unique content.

Engage Influencers

Engaging individuals and organizations that are influential to your target market can help to establish your brand among them. When members of your target market see you engaging the Twitter accounts that they look up to and respect, they’ll associate your business with them. To find your influences, use sites like Followerwonk or Twellow. You can search for them also on Twitter using hashtags that can be found in their byline or what they tweet. Check their Klout score and influence on other social sites as well.

Also, retweeting content from other influential users and responding to their content will encourage them to return the favor for your content. This type of engagement is a great way to spread your brand’s influence.

Offer Value

Rather than saturating your follower’s timelines with too much promotion, creating interesting content is a better method for getting them to notice your brand. Generating tweets that share news, tips and information is far more likely to be remembered than a tweet that solely promotes a product. This alcohol recovery center does an excellent job with this aspect of their Twitter. They share creative infographics and videos they make and post on their blog, which brings people back to their site. They constantly offer value and interesting information to their readers.

Based on the information from your market research, you should know quite a bit about your target market’s demographics and preferences. Keep this information in mind when developing your Twitter content to ensure that you gear your efforts toward the right people.

Describe Your Services

Through different media (videos, pictures and text) you can help potential customers understand your business on Twitter. Restaurants and food services can show people their dishes and offer inside looks at their operations. Regardless of the nature of your organization or business, communicating it to your followers will peak their interest and understanding.


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