Facebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable

Written by | Date Updated: December 11, 2014

Question: On my Facebook Business page, the invite friends option is not available. I only see the “invite email contacts”. I have read and agree that inviting all of your existing Facebook friends is a good idea to jumpstart your Facebook business page but I can’t seem to find the option. Can you help? Thanks, Barbara–Sacramento, CA

Invite Friends Facebook tab

Solution: Finding the “Invite Friends” For Your Facebook Business Page

Barbara, you make two great points!

First, inviting your Facebook friends to like your business page is a great way to kickstart your page with lots of engagement and likes. You may also want to view our Facebook Business Tips page which brings you many more ways to gain a Facebook business page following.

And, secondly, you are correct–Facebook often makes management of their pages way to convoluted for the greater good.

Presumably, you are seeing what is reflected in the graphic above (from our Facebook page–go like us now!). That is, you only have the options to invite email contacts but not the Facebook friends from your personal page. So, what is happening?

You will not see the “invite friends” tab when you are using Facebook as your business page. So, what need to do is this: Use Facebook as yourself (your personal account) and then access your Facebook business page while you are using Facebook as yourself.

As you see in the graphic below, this will allow you to “invite friends” to your Facebook business page:

Facebook Invite Friends Available

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Richard CummingsFacebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable