Richard Cummings

Director of SEO, Social Media, and Web Content Development at The SEO System
Richard Cummings has been practicing online marketing for many years and has setup and optimized hundreds of WordPress sites.He founded The SEO System to provide SEO, social media, and online marketing services and software to businesses.

SEO and Anchor Text

SEO Anchor TextIn yesterday’s article, we talked about SEO for Small Business and the one mistake often made by small businesses as they start down the path of search optimization: They optimize for their company name–which nobody knows about–instead of what they do, which are the terms which people actually use when searching.
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Richard CummingsSEO and Anchor Text

The Most Basic SEO Lesson That Small Business Owners Don’t Understand

seo lesson for small business ownerIn this article, I will tell you the most basic SEO lesson that often eludes small businesses who are trying to achieve organic search results.

Small business owners are faced with a great challenge when it comes to SEO. They want to achieve great organic search results but they don’t have the time, the staff, or the money to hire an SEO company. In fact, one of the reasons that I developed The SEO System was to deliverĀ an affordable online marketing solution for small businesses.
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Richard CummingsThe Most Basic SEO Lesson That Small Business Owners Don’t Understand