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Richard Cummings has been practicing online marketing for many years and has setup and optimized hundreds of WordPress sites.He founded The SEO System to provide SEO, social media, and online marketing services and software to businesses.

SEO and Social Media: Why Social Media Has Become So Important!

Social Media has become such a critical component of SEO that perhaps SEO should now stand for Social Engine Optimization. In this article, we will take a look at why traditional SEO practices have now fallen out of favor and given way to a whole new SEO ideology, that of Social Engine Optimization.

the importance of social mediaThis is the first article in our series Social Media and SEO, where we address how to optimize your online presence in a social media world. In the series, we will tell you how to create and optimize all of your social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

As a first step, today we are going to look at why social media must become an integral part of your SEO strategy.Read More

Richard CummingsSEO and Social Media: Why Social Media Has Become So Important!

Twitter Business Tips: How To Social Media Marketing Plan for Twitter!

Are you effectively using Twitter for your business? In this article, we are going to look at Twitter how to business tips to improve your social media marketing plan. This article on Twitter optimization focuses on establishing your Twitter identity, creating and customizing your Twitter account, and optimizing your Twitter involvement for maximum results.

Twitter Business Tips

This article is part of our Social Engine Optimization series, a series that tells you how to incorporate social media in your SEO efforts.Read More

Richard CummingsTwitter Business Tips: How To Social Media Marketing Plan for Twitter!

Booz Allen Hamilton: A Social Media Fiasco!

IT consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, with government contracts worth billions of dollars, is not minding their social media outlets very well in the wake of the “Edward Snowden” issue. Take a look at the Facebook photo below:

Booz Allen Social Media

Consumers React to Booz Allen, Edward Snowden, and Spying

Read More

Richard CummingsBooz Allen Hamilton: A Social Media Fiasco!

The Two Free Duplicate Content Checkers That You Need [2018 Edition]

duplicate-contentBecause Google frowns on duplicate content, you need access to quick, easy-to-use duplicate content checker software for your website to avoid any SEO penalties.

Most of you know that duplicate content on your site is a “no-no” in the eyes of Google. In all likelihood, the big G will penalize you for duplicate content.

However, duplicate content on your website is not the only problem. What if other websites have copied your content? And, even worse, what if they outrank you in the search engines for content that you created?

So you need to be able check for duplicate content in two scenarios: (1) Duplicate content on your site. And (2), duplicate content copied from your site.

Below, I will tell you how to check for duplicate content on your website and how to check for content that people have copied from your website.

To accomplish this, we’ll use the two free online duplicate content checkers that you need in 2018.

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Richard CummingsThe Two Free Duplicate Content Checkers That You Need [2018 Edition]

What Is My Google+ URL Address?


Google Plus URL: The Proper Format

Question: What is my exact Google+ URL? I keep reading about the benefits of Google Authorship and that I need to get my Google+ profile out there, but I want to know what is the proper Google+ URL. When I hover over my name it gives me subdirectories like “ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. So, what is the proper format for the Google+ URL? -Nancy, Dallas, TXRead More

Richard CummingsWhat Is My Google+ URL Address?

WordPress and Encrypted Search Terms?

encrypted search terms WordPress

WordPress Stats: Encrypted Search Terms

Question: Why am I seeing encrypted search terms in my WordPress Stats? I always use to see all of the keywords that people would use to find my pages. Now, I see just a few keywords and the one with most hits just says “encrypted_search_terms”. What is going on? -Catie, Bethesda, MDRead More

Richard CummingsWordPress and Encrypted Search Terms?

Content Creation vs Marketing: How I Increased Blog Traffic 3000% Using the Pareto Principle!

pareto-principle-marketingHave you heard of the Pareto Principle as it applies to online marketing and web promotion? If not, this article may be the key to unlocking the organic traffic you rightly deserve.

Do you spend the bulk of your time creating web content OR marketing content that you have already written?

I am going to show you how I increased blog traffic 3000% by taking a look at this very question.

It all boils down to the Pareto Principle or, as some call it, the 80/20 rule.

Most online marketers are doing their job wrong.

They hear “authorities” on the Internet exclaim: “Just create quality web content and visitors will come!”

This is the biggest lie perpetuated by those who are already an authority and deceives beginners into thinking that quality web content is enough.

Read More

Richard CummingsContent Creation vs Marketing: How I Increased Blog Traffic 3000% Using the Pareto Principle!

Quotes in Meta Tags

Quotes in Meta TagsQuestion: Following instructions from your free on-page SEO guide, I am re-writing the meta descriptions for my pages to make them more search engine friendly. In doing this, I have one description that I want to use quotes in. Is it ok to use quotes in my meta description? -Val, Bloomington, IllinoisRead More

Richard CummingsQuotes in Meta Tags

When and Why Google Should Fear Facebook: A Behavioral Analysis

While experts give us exhaustive speculation on user behavior, the best way to understand how people currently use Facebook and Google is to watch them.

Facebook vs Google

Google vs Facebook: Follow the Clicks!

With all the hubbub surrounding the launch of the of the new “Facbook Graph Search” feature, many speculated that this would spell the beginning of the end for Google search.   This is not the case.  I will tell you when and why Google should fear Facebook based on user behavior.Read More

Richard CummingsWhen and Why Google Should Fear Facebook: A Behavioral Analysis

Facebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable

Question: On my Facebook Business page, the invite friends option is not available. I only see the “invite email contacts”. I have read and agree that inviting all of your existing Facebook friends is a good idea to jumpstart your Facebook business page but I can’t seem to find the option. Can you help? Thanks, Barbara–Sacramento, CA

Invite Friends Facebook tabRead More

Richard CummingsFacebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable

URL of Facebook Wall Post?

Question: I would like to share my Facebook Wall posts to other outlets but I can’t seem to get the URL. What is the URL of a Facebook wall post? –Kathy, Topeka, KansasRead More

Richard CummingsURL of Facebook Wall Post?

On-Page SEO Examples

In this article, we are going to present some examples of on-page SEO. When you look at these on-page SEO examples, you will gain a good understanding of on-page SEO techniques that work…and those that do not!

On-Page SEO: A View From Above

Effective On-Page SEOBefore we delve into the nuts and bolts of how to specifically optimize your web pages and what, if any, changes to implement, let us take a view from above. Read More

Richard CummingsOn-Page SEO Examples

On-Page SEO: Choose Keywords Wisely

on-page SEO and keywordsAre you implementing solid on-page SEO on your web pages? In this article, we will take a look at the importance of on-page SEO, the most common on-page SEO mistake, and how you can ensure that you choose your keywords wisely so that your pages get found by the search engines.Read More

Richard CummingsOn-Page SEO: Choose Keywords Wisely

Google Authorship How To Video

Google+ AuthorshipAre you implementing Google Authorship yet? If not, you are losing to your competitors. On this page, we will illustrate why Google Authorship is important and bring you our how to implement Google Authorship video.Read More

Richard CummingsGoogle Authorship How To Video