When and Why Google Should Fear Facebook: A Behavioral Analysis

While experts give us exhaustive speculation on user behavior, the best way to understand how people currently use Facebook and Google is to watch them.

Facebook vs Google

Google vs Facebook: Follow the Clicks!

With all the hubbub surrounding the launch of the of the new “Facbook Graph Search” feature, many speculated that this would spell the beginning of the end for Google search.   This is not the case.  I will tell you when and why Google should fear Facebook based on user behavior.Read More

Richard CummingsWhen and Why Google Should Fear Facebook: A Behavioral Analysis

5 Easy Steps for Recovering from Google Panda Penalty

Google Panda update was a change in the Google’s ranking algorithm that was launched on 24th Feb 2011 and affected around 12% of the search results. This was a major update specifically done to target content farms which provided thin content written for the purpose of ranking higher in the search results. This update rewarded high quality sites that provided a great user experience.

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Guest Author5 Easy Steps for Recovering from Google Panda Penalty

Use Hashtags for Better Marketing with Social Media

The effective use of hashtags in social media can drastically increase your online success.

Social Media and Hashtags

Hashtags Increase Social Media Success!

If you have been around social media for any length of time, you will find that many people today are using hashtags for Twitter, as well as other networking sites. Twitter is still the leader of the hashtags though, and if you are on that site, then you need to learn to use them properly.Read More

Guest AuthorUse Hashtags for Better Marketing with Social Media

Facebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable

Question: On my Facebook Business page, the invite friends option is not available. I only see the “invite email contacts”. I have read and agree that inviting all of your existing Facebook friends is a good idea to jumpstart your Facebook business page but I can’t seem to find the option. Can you help? Thanks, Barbara–Sacramento, CA

Invite Friends Facebook tabRead More

Richard CummingsFacebook Business Page: “Invite Friends” Unavailable

URL of Facebook Wall Post?

Question: I would like to share my Facebook Wall posts to other outlets but I can’t seem to get the URL. What is the URL of a Facebook wall post? –Kathy, Topeka, KansasRead More

Richard CummingsURL of Facebook Wall Post?

On-Page SEO Examples

In this article, we are going to present some examples of on-page SEO. When you look at these on-page SEO examples, you will gain a good understanding of on-page SEO techniques that work…and those that do not!

On-Page SEO: A View From Above

Effective On-Page SEOBefore we delve into the nuts and bolts of how to specifically optimize your web pages and what, if any, changes to implement, let us take a view from above. Read More

Richard CummingsOn-Page SEO Examples

On-Page SEO: Choose Keywords Wisely

on-page SEO and keywordsAre you implementing solid on-page SEO on your web pages? In this article, we will take a look at the importance of on-page SEO, the most common on-page SEO mistake, and how you can ensure that you choose your keywords wisely so that your pages get found by the search engines.Read More

Richard CummingsOn-Page SEO: Choose Keywords Wisely

Google Authorship How To Video

Google+ AuthorshipAre you implementing Google Authorship yet? If not, you are losing to your competitors. On this page, we will illustrate why Google Authorship is important and bring you our how to implement Google Authorship video.Read More

Richard CummingsGoogle Authorship How To Video

On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

This article discusses the difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page search engine optimization.

Before delving into On-Page SEO (also called OPSEO), let’s make sure that we know where it fits in the larger concept of search engine optimization. Read More

Richard CummingsOn-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

SEO and Web Content Writing: How Often Should I Post New Web Content?

SEO web contentsQuestion: I am new to SEO and I am trying to understand how often I should be writing web content for my business. I have heard that I should write web content frequently so that my website gets maximum exposure in the search engines. From an SEO perspective, how often would you recommend that I create new content? –Sharon, Sun Valley, IdahoRead More

Richard CummingsSEO and Web Content Writing: How Often Should I Post New Web Content?

Google Plus For Business

In this article, we are going to look at Google Plus For Business. As Google+ continues to rise in importance as a critical social media outlet, we will provide essential Google+ how tips and strategies that will optimize your Google+ business page and enhance your social media success with Google Plus.

Google Plus for Business

Though Google+ has not quite caught up to Facebook, they are rapidly building a huge customer base. In fact, reports are that Google+ is growing faster than Facebook.

If you or your business are not actively involved in Google+ to promote your content and build your web audience, you are missing genuine opportunities and free advertising.Read More

Richard CummingsGoogle Plus For Business